Classic indoor car covers

Combined with our detailed tailoring, this type of fabric stretches perfectly to the car shape. Made from woven fabric with soft inner side, SMCarDress covers increase car paintwork protection and care. This is the most popular type of indoor car covers due to its combination of look, perfect appearance and protection.

Apart from its fitted shape, the cover can be customized thanks to a wide range of fabric colours, and printed media can be applied onto any area for further personalization.

SMCarDress is a breathable cover, avoiding moisture and preventing mildew from appearing.

All covers have their own storage bag made from the same fabric and colour of the cover, and can be customized with logotypes or with the model name printed for identification.

The indoor car cover weights around 3 kg and, when folded into the storage bag, measures around 30x30x30 cm: it can be easily stored in the car boot and also fits into domestic washing machine.

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